Why Do Athletes Wear Compression Sleeves?

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"…research suggests that wearing a compression sleeve on your arms and calves can potentially help reduce pain and inflammation, and delay muscle fatigue."

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What do Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams and Lebron James all have in common? Aside from being world-class athletes, we mean. The answer is they all use compression sleeves to up their game.

Compression garments have become insanely popular, not just among athletes but with anyone who keeps up an active lifestyle. So what gives? Why do all these famous athletes wear arm sleeves and leg sleeves in the first place?

At SA1NT we aim to keep you updated on the best ways to maximise performance, so let's roll through the benefits of compression clothing.

The Science Behind Wearing Compression Sleeves

The scientific research suggests that wearing a compression sleeve on your arms and calves can potentially help reduce pain and inflammation, and delay muscle fatigue. Compression sleeves can help remove post-exercise lactate from muscles after a workout, potentially preventing the dreaded onset of cramps, inflammation and fatigue.

Compression garments also promote optimal blood flow and circulation by applying graduated pressure on your arms and calves. With an improved blood flow, you can potentially perform stronger and recover faster.

Athletes also use compression sleeves to support their muscles and joints. The pros often push their bodies to the absolute limit, and this graduated pressure can reduce the pain that comes from strenuous activity. Less stress on joints and muscles also means a faster recovery, so they can bounce back quickly and be ready for the next challenge.

You might see an athlete wearing arm or leg compression sleeves after sustaining an injury, and there's a good reason for it. Compression sleeves can help manage pain and support an injured body part. Whether it's an ankle, wrist or elbow problem, athletes from all kinds of sports use compression gear to help battle through the pain.

Elevating Athletic Performance: 

SA1NT Layers' Range of Compression Garments

The athletic benefits of compression don't stop at leg and arm sleeves. There's a whole range of awesome compression gear for anyone looking to up their game. Whether you play a sport, keep fit on the track or just lead an active lifestyle, anyone can benefit from compression wear.

There are compression socks, shorts and tights, so you can focus on whichever part of your body could get the most benefit. If you're not sure where to start, a good place is our compression collection page.

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Why Do Athletes Wear Compression Sleeves?

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Where to Find the Latest Collection

Compression garments are a simple but effective way to maximise your performance and recovery. You can wear arm sleeves if you play a sport, running tights if you love to hit the track, or shop the range to find what best fits your needs.

If you want to explore further, take a look at our full range of compression gear here.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do athletes wear sleeves on their legs?

So why do athletes wear sleeves on their legs? Athletes wear compression leg sleeves for a number of reasons. One of them is improved blood circulation, which can help in recovery, and potentially warm up muscles faster and help their initial rate of oxygen delivery. Another reason can be muscle support. The additional support to their calf and shin muscles can help reduce the risk of injury, or help athletes deal with an existing injury. The support can help reduce muscle oscillation and the micro tears that come from strenuous exercise Athletes might also wish to keep their muscles warm. Athletic performance often involves sudden bursts of activity, and warm muscles are less prone to injury.

Why do runners wear only one arm sleeve?

If you've ever wondered why runners wear a sleeve on one arm and not the other, you're not alone. While we can't speak for every runner, the most common answer would be an injury to only one arm. It's not uncommon for a runner to pick up an arm injury, and they might choose to wear a compression sleeve if they're still able to run. Compression sleeves help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, and they can also help to manage pain from an injury. The medical grade pressure can support a sore muscle and potentially provide some form of pain relief.

When should you wear compression arm sleeves?

When exactly should you wear compression arm sleeves? Wearing an arm sleeve within the normal 10-30mmHg pressure, will never hurt your body, no matter how long you wear it for, but obviously some times are more ideal than others. The most obvious time would be during physical activity. And it's not limited to any particular sport. Whether it's running, cycling, lifting weights or playing basketball, you can still reap the benefits of wearing a compression sleeve. You might choose to keep your sleeve on post-workout for recovery. This can help reduce muscle soreness and promotes the removal of metabolic waste products from your muscles. Arm sleeves can also be worn if you're prone to arm injuries or have a history of arm-related issues.

What is arm compression good for?

Improved circulation: Arm sleeves have a graduated compression on your arms, meaning they're most tight at your wrist and slowly decrease in pressure as they go down your arm. This helps improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery, improving not only your athletic performance but overall supporting cardiovascular health. Reduced muscle fatigue: During any sport or exercise that involves repetitive arm movements, compression sleeves can help reduce muscle vibration and oscillation. This can help decrease muscle fatigue so you can perform better for longer. Many sports, from Superbikes to climbers, will utilise arm sleeves to help delay forearm pump. Muscle support and injury prevention: Arm sleeves help support your arm muscles and stabilise the joints, reducing the risk of injury from repetitive actions. This can be particularly helpful for athletes whose sport places heavy stress on their arm muscles and joints. Temperature regulation: Wearing arm sleeves can trap body heat, keeping your arms at an optimal temperature during exercise. This can be of particular use during a cold-weather workout. Compression sleeves also wick away sweat in hot weather, keeping your body cooler. So they regulate your temperature in both hot and cold weather.

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