Men's Leggings & Compression Tights

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Explore the SA1NT range of men's leggings & tights for gym, training, and running. Designed with the latest fabrics for optimal muscle support both during and after a workout.

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Discover SA1NT Layers' Men's Leggings Collection

Achieve more, perform better, and recover quicker, supported by a pair of the most advanced compression tights on the planet.

Shop an Australian brand backed by nearly two decades of experience in performance compression wear, our stock of men's leggings features recycled yarns and sweat-wicking technology to provide unparalleled style and comfort during the most demanding running and gym sessions. Our smart product filter, allows you to filter by mmHg, fabric weight, colour & style.

Designed with graduated compression and an in-depth knowledge of the critical muscles and movements engaged in high-intensity training, these tights effectively minimise muscle movement, prevent damage, and reduce fatigue. SA1NT also provides peace of mind, with a 30-day exchange on all our products.

Performance-Driven Running Tights for Men

Run further and speed up recovery times with running tights designed to optimise circulation and blood flow. Utilising an evolved circular knit fabric for superior compression properties and shape resilience, our men's tights provide targeted support to all the major running muscle groups for peak performance.

Versatile Men's Leggings for Gym and Training

Not all men's sports tights are created equal, and when your workouts are making you sweat, pushing your body to its very limit, you need clothing that is guaranteed to provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and strength.

Exercise and play your favourite sport knowing every pair in our range of men's compression tights are constructed with world-class fabric for complete comfort and durability.

Tailored Fit and Style: SA1NT Layers' Men's Tights

Perfect fit and size are never a worry, with our extended selection of sizes and designs, from 1/2 shorts to extra-length running tights the SA1NT brand has your legs covered for every training session, workout, or sports event.

Soft flat waistbands and 3-needle flatlock seams ensure your leggings & tights are ready to be worn comfortably all day long, even under your regular clothing while you stand in line at the local coffee shop.

Why SA1NT Layers' Men's Leggings?

SA1NT Layers' Men's Leggings are the most advanced sportswear on the market. Don't compromise on quality or craftsmanship when you shop for running products that will stand the test of time. SA1NT running leggings integrate our tireless research into sports recovery products and sports clothing technology, supporting your body while maintaining comfort, flexibility and range of movement.


Should men wear tights in the gym?

Put simply, yes. people of every age and size, from around the world can benefit from wearing leggings and tights at the gym.

No matter what your level of fitness or skill, compression tights are one piece of gym gear that can legitimately help you work out longer, and reduce recovery time between training sessions, leaving you ready to face your next challenge.

Why do men wear tights under gym shorts?

Men generally wear shorts under their gym shorts for their breathability, fit, and performance improvement. The sweat-wicking properties of men's compression tights are a big advantage at the gym, wearing tights under gym shorts (or any other gym clothing) can help reduce chafing, while improving proprioception, making your longer gym workouts more comfortable, allowing you to focus on strength and technique.

Why do men wear tights when working out?

Men love to wear tights when working out because they apply strong graduated compression to the extremities which can improve circulation, reduce muscle damage caused by muscle oscillation, improve proprioception, and aid the body's natural lactic acid removal processes post-workout.

All of these factors combine to create a product that will allow you to work out harder, for longer, with shorter recovery times.

Why do men wear athletic tights?

Men wear athletic tights for many reasons, including looks and comfort to name a few. But when it comes to playing sport, running, or training the most beneficial mens tights are not just clothing, they're a performance and recovery tool. An essential piece of medical-grade sports gear that you'll love to wear every day.

One of the lesser-known benefits of mens leggings is that it keeps you cool as well. The complex fabrics wick away moisture and maintain your body temperature, so you can stay comfortable when things start to heat up.

How many hours can you wear compression leggings?

You can wear compression/running leggings for as long as you want, as long as they are the correct fit. People often ask if there is a limit to how many hours you can wear sports leggings, the good news is that you can wear them as long as you want, many runners and competitors in top-level sports even sleep in their leggings.

Size and fit are crucial when buying men's tights, don't be tempted into buying cheap sale stock in the wrong size. For optimal results leggings should be snug and firm with no loose sagging or bags, but not so tight as to restrict circulation.