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Gym & Running Socks

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Get the most out of your next training session with comfortable, supportive gym socks. It doesn't matter if you're hitting the track or lifting weights, anyone can benefit from the additional comfort and support of proper footwear.

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Perfect Pair of Workout Socks

With a range of footwear including ankle socks, crew socks and compression socks, there's something in our collection for every athlete. No matter what your fitness goals are, we've got the perfect pair of sports socks to suit your needs.

With a one-size-fits-all guarantee, there's never been a more convenient time to ensure that you've got the right foot support for your next training session. Check out the full range today.

Moisture-Wicking Benefits

Feel the difference with moisture-wicking fabric that removes the sweat from your skin as you exercise. Made using high quality materials, SA1NT sports socks also regulate temperature, prevent chafing and reduce the risk of fungal infections. So forget the sweat and focus on your workout.

Hygiene and Comfort

Refreshing your gym sock collection from time to time is a must. Sports socks not only lose their moisture-wicking abilities over time, but begin to develop odours with use.

With so many colours and styles to choose from, there's never been a better time to give your sock drawer a makeover. Check out the full range of socks and other gym accessories with SA1NT.


What are some important factors to consider when choosing the right gym socks for your workouts?

When deciding on the best gym socks, look for features that promote both support and comfort. SA1NT socks are made using moisture-wicking fabrics and have targeted padding for support, to ensure that athletes get the most out of their workouts.

Are there specific features or materials that make gym socks suitable for different types of exercise?

Yes, our sports socks are carefully crafted with features like moisture-wicking to remove the sweat from your body during a tough workout. Our compression socks offer even more support by enhancing blood circulation and reducing muscle fatigue, which is ideal for activities that involve repetitive motions like running.

How often should you replace your gym socks to maintain hygiene and comfort during workouts?

To maintain optimal hygiene and comfort during workouts, it's advisable to replace your gym socks once they start to show obvious signs of wear and tear. If it's got a hole it's got to go. You might notice that gym socks don't feel as fresh and supportive as they once were, and at some point you'll need to decide whether it's time to invest in a new pair.

What are the tips for preventing common issues like blisters and odour when wearing gym socks during exercise?

Choose moisture-wicking socks to prevent common issues like blister and odour during exercise. They remove the sweat away from your skin so that your body remains dry. Compression socks are also recommended because they increase blood flow, reduce swelling and potentially decrease the risk of blisters.

What are the benefits of moisture-wicking properties in gym socks, and why are they important for workout comfort?

The moisture-wicking properties in gym socks play a pivotal role in keeping your skin dry and comfortable. By removing the sweat away from your skin, they prevent that horrible sweaty feeling and will instead feel nice and breathable during a workout.