Men's Compression

Men's Compression

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SA1NT's range of men's compression clothes are made to boost your performance and support your muscles both during and after a tough workout. Made using modern technology that focuses on both form and function, our huge variety of compression gear can enhance your next workout no matter what your fitness goals are.

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The Science of Men's Compression Clothes for Peak Performance

Men's compression gear is designed to increase blood flow by gently 'squeezing' your blood vessels. This has the effect of delivering oxygen as fast as possible to your muscles, allowing them to perform better and for longer periods of time.

SA1NT men's compression sportswear is made using the modern technique of graduated pressure, which means that the pressure of the garments slowly increases as it goes up your body. This design helps to increase blood flow as optimally as possible and enhances athletic performance.

Compression sportswear can also reduce pain and inflammation, and fights the onset of muscle fatigue. The support of compression clothes helps to remove post-exercise lactate from muscles, potentially preventing the dreaded onset of cramps, inflammation and muscle fatigue.

Your muscles can oscillate or 'wobble' during activities like running and jumping, and over time this vibration can have a negative effect on your muscles. Compression clothing provides a support system that compresses your muscles and reduces this 'wobble', reducing the chances of post-workout inflammation and muscle soreness.

Men's Compression Tights - Levelled-up Support for Your Muscles

SA1NT compression tights are designed to keep your lower body supported during a range of activities, whether it's a run or a recovery session. Made with targeted muscle support that will reduce fatigue during those long runs, our men's compression run shorts and women's compression run shorts compression shorts are the key to a better running experience.

Our men's compression running tights and women's compression running tights recovery compression tights are perfect for the gym, field, court or pavement. Say goodbye to discomfort with targeted support that reduces your risk of injury and keeps you ready for that next workout.

Engineered for Peak Performance - Men's Compression Clothing

SA1NT compression clothes are designed with both comfort and function in mind. They're made from an evolved circular knit fabric that supports your muscles without preventing movement. The stretchy, lightweight materials adapt to the wearer's movements, so no matter what your choice of activity, you can feel comfortable and supported.

Recovery Matters - Elevate Your Training and Workouts

Exercising is all about feeling good, and nothing sours a workout like pulling up sore and stiff. A simple change of wardrobe can be just the trick to optimal recovery. The support of compression gear is known to greatly decrease inflammation and soreness, so you can pull up fresh from those tough workout sessions.

By reducing the 'muscle wobble' that happens during activities like running and jumping, compression clothes can also help the long-term health of your muscles by greatly reducing their chance of injury. Explore the range of compression shorts, leggings and tops to see how your workouts can be taken to the next level.

Performance and Style Combined

SA1NT Layers clothing is made using sharp, modern designs that look good no matter where you wear them. We all know it's the performance that counts, but there's no reason exercise clothing can't be stylish as well as supportive. Check out our unbelievable range of stylish, comfortable and supportive gear so you can workout with comfort and confidence.

The Perfect Fit - Men's Compression for Everyone

A common misconception is that you need to be a professional athlete to wear compression clothes. That's definitely not true. The reality is that you can benefit from the support of compression gear no matter what your fitness levels might be.

So whether you're just starting your fitness journey or simply looking to up your game, compression clothes offer your muscles the support and comfort needed to get the most out of your performance. With a wide range of styles to choose from, anyone can get in on the compression game.

Shop Now and Experience the Difference

SA1NT Layers is committed to helping athletes and fitness lovers get the most out of their performances. Try our extensive range of compression clothing to discover how your performance can be taken to the next level.

With improved athletic performance, faster recovery and increased muscle support, you'll soon wonder how you ever worked out without compression clothing.


What is compression clothing good for?

Compression clothing is good for supporting an exercise routine through muscle support, enhanced performance and optimal recovery.

Compression gear 'squeezes' your blood vessels, allowing blood to pump faster through your body and deliver oxygen faster to your muscles. This allows you to go for harder and longer during your workouts and get the most out of your body.

Another benefit of compression clothes is injury prevention. Compression gear reduces the risk of muscle soreness and inflammation by supporting your body as you exercise, and reducing the 'muscle wobble' that comes from movements like running and jumping.

Compression gear like leg and arm sleeves are also great for managing an existing injury. You might have noticed professional athletes wearing a sleeve after picking up an injury, and that's because it supports the affected muscle and speeds up recovery time.

Is it OK to wear compression pants all day?

Yes, in general, it is okay to wear compression pants all day. Compression clothes are designed to be quite snug, but not so tight that it's going to do your body major harm. In fact, there are recovery tights that are designed to be worn after a workout for a long period of time.

With that being said, there's not much point wearing your compression tights all day. If it's been several hours since your workout, there's not much more they can do for you. All of the benefits have been achieved by that point.

Why do athletes wear compression tights?

Athletes wear compression tights to optimise their performances, and this can apply to just about any sport. Compression tights promote increased blood flow, maximising the oxygen that's being delivered to your muscles and allowing your body to perform harder without fatiguing as quickly.

Compression tights also reduce the risk of injury, which is always a concern for high level athletes. The snug fit of compression tights supports their muscles and prevents 'muscle wobble'. Athletes who wear compression tights are less likely to feel inflammation and muscle soreness after a big performance.

Should you wear compressions to the gym?

Yes, you should wear compressions to the gym but only if it applies to your workout. For example, there's not much point wearing a compression shirt if you're working legs that day. Try to wear compression gear on the body part that you'll be exercising that day.

So if you're training arms, wear an arm sleeve. If you're training chest, wear a compression shirt. Simple, right? This way your body can get the most out of your gear and your performance/recovery will be better than ever.

What are the benefits of compression gym wear for men?

The benefits of compression gym wear are muscle support, increased performance and faster recovery. For example, wearing a compression shirt during a chest workout will support your chest muscles and reduces the risk of muscle pain and inflammation.

The ongoing support during a workout will also help you recover faster. Wearing compression clothing during a workout will help your muscles bounce back from a tough session and helps to avoid that dreaded post-workout stiffness.

Is compression gear good for running?

Yes, compression gear is often used by runners to improve performance, reduce stiffness and decrease their chances of picking up an injury. In fact, you can find compression tights and shorts that are specifically made for running.

Compression tights/shorts have targeted support that looks after the specific muscles that are engaged during a run. This support also reduces fatigue, so you can smash out your next run knowing that your workout gear has your back.