Women's Gym Singlets & Tank Tops

Women's Gym Singlets & Tank Tops

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Explore the SA1NT Layers range of women's gym singlets and tank tops. Designed with the latest fabrics for optimal muscle support both during and after a workout.

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Discover Stylish Gym Singlets for Women

Our range of running and gym singlets is the perfect blend of style and functionality. Constructed from lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric, the SA1NT Layers singlet has a traditional racerback fit and flat active seams for greater comfort and reduced chafing.

Explore a range of gym singlets & women's tank designs with the latest fabrics to provide you optimal support during and after your workout.

Elevate Your Workout with Women's Tank Tops

Revitalise your gym wardrobe with SA1NT Layer's women's tank tops. Designed for the most demanding activities and features hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant shoulder panels for extended bar sessions, while allowing your skin to breathe with moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial fabric.

Our workout clothes are made with stylish high-filament REPREVE® recycled polyester yarns, the breathable and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you fresh and dry during your workout. Enjoy a combination of comfort and style crafted to enhance your workout performance.

Unleash Confidence in Our Trendy Tanks

Engineered from quick-drying high-filament polyester yarns, our tanks ensure coolness and comfort during intense training sessions. This versatile design of women's gym tshirt makes it suitable for various activities, from yoga to weightlifting.

Explore our stylish selection of women's tank tops designed to match your unique style from lightweight options to fashionable cropped styles. Our tanks are available in a range of colours from classic white, timeless grey, and a fun pink.

Embrace Fitness in SA1NT's Women's Gym Singlets & Tanks

By utilising the latest fabric technology and over a decade of design experience, SA1NT Layers have created a fusion of fashion and function in our gym singlets and tanks collection.

The SA1NT Layers women's gym singlets and tanks collection is tailored to accentuate the body and engineered for optimal physical performance.

Singlet & Tank Styles That Match Your Energy

Find your ideal singlets and tanks for wearing during performance sports, tough gym sessions, and energetic cross-training classes.

Elevate your workout fits with our range of singlets includes a standard cut and racerback design, while our tank tops come in a stylish cropped style or a high-neck/full-length version.

SA1NT Layers collection of singlets and tanks features a variety of stylish options, ensuring to stay on-trend while prioritising comfort during every exercise session.


Why do people wear singlets in the gym?

People wear singlets at the gym for many reasons, their light weight and breathability make them incredibly comfortable even during the toughest workouts. The thinner shoulders and larger arm holes found in most singlets also make the singlet a more popular option than a gym t-shirt or tank when you require maximum range of movement and flexibility.

Why do people wear tanks in the gym?

Wearing a tank at the gym is a popular alternative to a singlet when you're looking for a little more body coverage, especially on your neck and shoulders. For example, if you're doing bar exercises, and will be resting the bar on your shoulders tanks can reduce chafing or scratching. It's for these reasons that we include abrasion-resistant shoulder panels in a number of our stylish tank designs.

What is the difference between tanks and singlets?

There are a few differences between singlets and tanks.
A tank top is a sleeveless shirt with wide shoulder straps and a rounded neckline. Typical tank styles cover the torso and reach the hip area for men, or waist area for women.

A singlet, on the other hand, is a sleeveless shirt with narrower shoulder straps, and usually has wider/deeper arm holes.