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SA1NT Layers' collection of running clothes is designed for the modern runner. Stylish, ultra-comfortable and suitable for any level of fitness, our gear will have you running with confidence and freedom.

With a huge range of running clothing to choose from including tops, shorts, base layers and compression tights, there's bound to be something that suits your style of running. SA1NT Layers' gear is made with comfort and performance in mind, so you can look good and feel good during your next run.

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Running Tops - Stay Cool and Comfy

Stay cool and comfortable with our smartly designed range of running tops. Our men's running shirts and women's running shirts are designed with comfort and practicality in mind so you can train with ease.

Our tops are made with high filament REPREVE® recycled polyester yarns that effectively wick moisture away to keep you as dry and comfortable as possible. Forget the sweat and focus on your run with gear that's practically designed for the modern day athlete.

Effortless Style with Tank Tops

If you prefer the freedom of movement that only comes from a tank top, we've got you covered. Check out our men's run singlet and women's running singlet for a lightweight, unrestrictive feel as you exercise. Bring some style to your next run with multiple colours to choose from.

Made with the same recycled polyester yarns as our running tops, SA1NT singlets wick away moisture to keep you as dry and comfortable as possible during a tough workout. There's nothing better than the freedom of running with loose, lightweight clothes, so grab a SA1NT tank top for the best in comfortable performance wear.

Optimal Performance with Running Shorts

Go the distance with a lightweight, breathable pair of running shorts. Our men's running shorts are made to feel as cool and unrestrictive as possible, so nothing can stand in your way when you're going for that next run. Whether you're training for a marathon or taking a light jog, a comfortable pair of running shorts will help you smash out your goals.

If you'd prefer some muscle support, try out our women's compression shorts and men's compression shorts for optimal muscle support and recovery. Made to increase blood flow and target your leg muscles with optimised support, you can take your running to the next level with compression wear.

Base Layers for All Seasons

Base layers are your ultimate defence against the cold, whether it's the middle of winter or a cool summer morning. Tight-fitting layers can offer the perfect level of warmth without restricting your movements, and are designed to keep you feeling comfortable in changing weather conditions.

Base layers like running tights are highly flexible and can be worn on their own, or layered under a pair of loose-fitting shorts. They support your muscles and allow unrestricted movement during your runs, regardless of the weather.

Our women's compression running tights and men's compression running tights are the perfect pieces of gear to pair with your running outfit. Don't let the weather spoil the party and ruin your workout routine. Keep it going with with gear that supports your body.

Premium Running Gear - Shop Now

Discover a wide range of running clothes, gear, and accessories in our online store. Embrace the power of premium apparel designed to elevate your running experience.

Running Clothes for Every Body

SA1NT has a variety or running clothes, gear and accessories to suit every runner's needs. Whether you're an experienced runner getting ready for a marathon, or you're stepping into the running world for the first time, we've got you covered.

At SA1NT we pride ourselves on making gear that supports athletes' needs and enhances their running experience. Our premium, high-quality apparel is made to be as supportive and functional as possible. We've used the latest technology available to create breathable, moisture-wicking running clothes that helps runners take their game to the next level.

Explore Australia's Running Community

It's an exciting time to enter Australia's vibrant running community. Cities like Sydney and Melbourne not only have some incredible running spots, but welcoming communities that always encourage new arrivals.

Running, like most exercise, is best enjoyed with others, so reach out to a buddy or join an established running community to share the positive energy with. A little bit of encouragement can go a long way and give your performance a positive boost.

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Our wide range of running apparel includes something for everyone. Check out our wide range of tops, shorts and accessories that will help you tackle your future running goals and add them to your cart with one easy click.

Order with Ease - Hassle-Free Shopping

Shopping for premium running gear has never been easier. Simply select your items and run them through our simple checkout process. Once you've placed your order, we'll handle the rest.

Your Running Adventure Begins Here

Owning the right gear is the first step to conquering your running goals. Comfortable, supportive clothing will help you reach new milestones no matter what you're aiming for. Now there's nothing stopping you from breaking those PBs, going that extra mile and shattering your limits.

Unleash the Runner Within - Shop Now

There's never been a better time to unleash your potential with the awesome range of running clothes at your fingertips. SA1NT Layers has truly premium gear that can elevate your performance with unprecedented levels of comfort and style.

Embark on your running journey today with our extensive range of clothing that will help kickstart your fitness goals. Stop telling yourself tomorrow and get your foot out the door today.


What are the best running clothes to keep cool?

The best-running clothes to keep cool are tank tops and loose-fitting shorts. Tank tops are lightweight and let your skin breathe, while loose running shorts are unrestrictive and perfect for running in warmer weather.

SA1NT running t-shirts are made using moisture-wicking fabrics, so you can still wear a t-shirt and stay cool on your run if tank tops aren't your thing. It all comes down to preference. All of our running gear is designed to be lightweight and flexible, so you really can't go wrong.

What should I wear for running?

For running you should wear supportive, high-quality runners, a lightweight top that wicks away moisture and running shorts. You can wear either a tank top or a running t-shirt, but make sure that it wicks moisture or things might get a bit stuffy.

Some runners opt to wear compression tights and compression short for their runs, because they give your leg muscles targeted support and increase blood flow. Compression clothes also reduce your chances of injury and help your body recover faster from a tough workout.

Can I wear normal clothes for running?

While you can wear regular clothes for running, we definitely don't recommend it. For one thing, you're going to be seriously uncomfortable. Normal clothes aren't anywhere near as breathable or lightweight as clothes designed specifically for running, so you're going to get hot very quickly.

Aside from feeling stuffy, you're going to sweat a lot more in normal clothes. Running clothes like SA1NT tops are designed to wick away moisture as you run. So unless you enjoy having large sweat patches on your armpits, we recommend opting for high-quality running apparel.

What is a running wardrobe?

A running wardrobe is the collection of clothes and accessories that a runner wears when they hit the track or pavement. This can include shorts, running tights, compression shorts, tank tops and running shirts. If you want to get serious about your running goals, a high quality running wardrobe is a must.

What should I wear to run at 0 degrees Celsius?

To run at 0 degrees Celsius, wear tight-fitting base layers like running tights and a long sleeve, tight-fitting running top. You can choose to layer a shirt over the top or even wear a beanie if you're really feeling the cold.

It's important to remember that our bodies become sick when exposed to fluctuating temperatures, so don't make the mistake of thinking that you'll just 'warm up' during a cold weather run. Dress warmly and insulate yourself from the cold if you plan to run during extreme temperatures.