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What to Wear to Pilates: A Complete Guide

It can be exciting to start your first Pilates class, but what exactly are you supposed to wear? Pilates is pretty casual and relaxed but it's still a form of exercise, so how do you strike the right balance in your outfit?


We've got some tips to get your first class started on the right track, so you can feel comfortable and have fun while getting your workout in.

Understanding the Importance of Pilates Attire

Pilates classes are a great way to feel relaxed and comfortable while you exercise, and it's important that you wear the right clothing so you can feel as natural as possible.

Pilates exercises are typically low-impact, with a focus on fluid, controlled movements and core activation. It's best to wear form fitting clothes that are made from breathable fabrics.

Form fitting clothes like leggings allow instructors to observe and correct your movements, and breathable clothes will keep you feeling loose and comfortable. So try to avoid clothes that bunch up or wear very loose like a t shirt.

What Do You Wear to Pilates Class

Let's run through some examples of what your best Pilates clothes might look like. We can't talk about Pilates outfits without mentioning training tights, which are an extremely popular choice of bottoms. Of course, you don't have to wear leggings. Some people prefer to wear some form-fitting training shorts to Pilates classes instead.

As for tops, training crop tops are really popular for their comfort and freedom of movement. If you'd prefer something else, a tight-fitting tank top is another great option.

Remember, Pilates is usually done barefoot so don't stress about your shoes. If you'd prefer to have something on your feet, you might opt to wear a pair of non slip grip socks.

Comfort and Style When Wearing Pilates Clothes

One of the reasons Pilates has become so popular is because of its comfortable, approachable atmosphere, and you should wear what feels natural to get the most out of it. Here some style tips to keep you looking and feeling at your very best:

  • Wear a light sweater during the warm up if your class is in a cold room, or the weather is on the chilly side.
  • Avoid see-through leggings, because a lot of Pilates movements involve bending over.
  • If you have long hair, tie it back with snag free and metal free fabric hair ties.
  • Choose a comfortable sports bra, preferably something with adjustable straps.
  • Most people prefer high-waisted leggings during exercise because they stay in place, so avoid low waisted tights.
  • Wear something that you like! Exercise is about looking good and feeling good.

Tips for What Not to Wear in a Pilates Class

  • Avoid wearing any baggy or loose fitting clothes. Not only will they impede your movement, but it's more difficult for the instructor to assess your form.
  • Take off any jewellery that might get in the way like long necklaces, bracelets or dangling earrings.
  • Try to avoid clothes that have zips, snaps or buttons. Some exercise require you to lie down on the ground, and things can get pretty uncomfortable with a zipper digging into your skin.

Providing Ongoing Value

Remember to keep up with your favourite brands for ongoing developments in Pilates clothing, and developments with Pilates in general. It's a fast-growing movement that has taken the world of exercise by storm, but there's still plenty of room for it to grow.

Keep up with SA1NT as we continue to innovate our exciting range of exercise clothing and provide ongoing fitness tips.


There you have it! Now you should be ready to take on that first Pilates class in style. Just remember to stick with comfortable, breathable clothing that will give you plenty of freedom to move around in.


What should a beginner wear for Pilates?

So what should a beginner wear for Pilates? A beginner's Pilates outfit won't be all that different from someone with a bit of experience. Pilates outfits don't have to be overly complicated. Some comfy, form-fitting leggings or shorts paired with a crop top or tank top will have you feeling loose and comfortable. Pilates is done barefoot, but you can still wear some grip socks if you'd prefer to feel something on your feet. Lastly, don't forget to wear comfortable and adjustable sports bras underneath your Pilates outfit.

What not to wear to Pilates?

What about what not to wear to Pilates? Avoid any loose, baggy clothes that restrict your movements. Take off any jewellery that you feel might get in the way, and avoid clothes with zips and buttons because you'll probably be lying on the floor at some point.

Do you do Pilates with or without shoes?

Something beginners often wonder is, do you do Pilates with or without shoes? Pilates is usually done barefoot so you can have better contact with the mat or floor. Being barefoot or only wearing grippy socks allows for a better connection to the floor when stabilising and controlling yourself during exercises.

Is it better to wear leggings or shorts to Pilates?

So is it better to wear leggings or shorts to Pilates? You can actually wear either. It really comes down to personal preference. While leggings are certainly the more popular option, plenty of people still wear shorts to their Pilates classes. Just remember that whether you go with leggings or shorts, they should be reasonably tight and form-fitting. This will help you get the most out of your movements and avoid any unnecessary discomfort.