Australian Open Fashion Guide: A Stylish Spectator's Handbook

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As the Australian Open comes to Melbourne once again, thousands of spectators will gather to witness two weeks of the top Australian tennis players and international stars compete for glory.

The Australian Open is one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world, and patrons will be showing off their summer style as they descend upon Melbourne Park.

If you're wondering just how to dress for the Australian Open, we've put together a quick guide to make sure you can look the part.

What is the Australian Open Dress Code

Unlike the French Open and US Open, the Australian Open doesn't have a formal dress code, but there are certain items that you're not allowed to wear. Thongs, singlets, ripped jeans/clothes and sports shorts aren't allowed. Apart from these, you can wear whatever you want!

Keep in mind that Melbourne's weather is notoriously unpredictable. Some days you might need shorts, while the very next day might call for a jumper. Be prepared and willing to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Smart-Casual for the Tennis

Australian Open For Men

Polo shirt: A breathable, light-coloured polo shirt is a classic and comfortable piece of tennis fashion.

Linen shirt: A cool, breathable linen shirt is a presentable and comfortable top that really suits the tennis aesthetic.

Chinos or tailored shorts: A well-fitting pair of chinos or tailored shorts pairs well with many tops.

Linen shorts: Linen shorts are lighter and more breathable than chinos, but still presentable enough for the tennis.

Lightweight jacket or sweater: The temperatures can drop during night sessions, so pack a lightweight jacket as a backup.

Australian Open For Women

Sundress or jumpsuit: A floral sundress or a jumpsuit in light fabric is the ideal outfit for presenting well and keeping cool.

Cropped pants or skirt: Alternatively, go for a pair of cropped pants or a knee-length skirt with a nice blouse for a sophisticated look.

Sun hat: Give yourself some sun protection in style with a fashionable sun hat.

Light cardigan or scarf: Bring a light cardigan or scarf for those cooler evening sessions.

Accessorizing for the Grand Slam

Once you've got your outfit sorted for the Australian Open, it's time to think about accessories. Firstly, a pair of sunglasses is a must, especially for those sunny afternoon games. They're not only practical but will help your entire outfit come together for the perfect summer look.

Speaking of sun protection, don't forget to pick up a cap to shade your face. Even if you're not really a hat person, you'll be grateful that you brought one along once the sun starts shining down. Caps and tennis events are an iconic pairing after all.

Don't forget your water bottle either. Drinks can be expensive at tennis events, so save yourself the cash and effort by bringing your own bottle. There are plenty of places to fill up in Melbourne Park, and you'll need to stay well hydrated since it's the middle of summer.

A Closer Look at Footwear

As we've already mentioned, thongs are off the table at the Australian Open, so what exactly should you wear on your feet? Your footwear should be comfortable and practical enough to walk around in for the entire day.

For men, a pair of loafers or casual sneakers can strike the perfect balance between comfort and fashion at the Australian Open. For a more casual look, you could always opt for a pair of athletic/tennis shoes or a fashionable pair of sandals.

For women, avoid high heels at all costs. You'll instantly regret it. Instead, go for something like a pair of sandals or flats that are much more practical and comfortable. You could even wear athletic sneakers for all-day comfort and support.

Keeping Cool in the Australian Summer

Melbourne summers at the Australian Open can be fairly humid and oppressive, so consider wearing attire that will keep you cool in the hot weather.

There are women's training singlet and tank tops that are designed to be both fashionable and sweat absorbent, so you've got the best of both worlds with style and function.

Likewise, training tops and singlets for men offer a sporty look that's perfect for the tennis, with sweat resistant materials that will keep you cool and dry throughout the entire day.

Your Outfit for Different Sessions

If you plan to attend a full day of tennis at the Australian Open then prepare for changing weather conditions. Even on the hottest days the weather can still turn cool during evening sessions, so plan accordingly.

The ideal outfit will be practical both during the day and the evening. Packing a light jacket or scarf certainly won't hurt either.

Stay Fashionable Every Year

Fashion is constantly on the move, so keep up to date for the latest trends before attending any Australian Open. Your outfit should be updated every year to stay ahead of the game.


Going to the Australian Open is a great reason to dress up and have fun with your outfit. To plan your visit and outfit perfectly, make sure to check the Australian open tennis dates. There's no right or wrong way to dress, but following these tips will ensure you look your best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear to the Australian Open?

There are several different outfits you can wear to the Australian Open. Here are a few examples:

Casual attire: Casual and comfortable clothing is perfectly acceptable, especially if you plan to be in the general admission area or outdoor spaces.

Sports or tennis themed outfit: Tennis fans sometimes throw on their favourite tennis outfit or polo top to really embrace the spirit of the Australian Open.

Smart casual: If you have premium seats, or simply just want to look your best, many people dress up a bit for the tennis. Men can wear a nice, lightweight linen shirt, while women can throw on their favourite fancy dress.

What to wear to a tennis match 2024?

There is no right or wrong outfit to wear to an Australian Open tennis match in 2024. You can choose to wear casual attire, go with a sporty look, or choose a smart casual look if you want to dress to impress.

What should a spectator woman wear to a tennis match?

A spectator woman at the Australian Open should wear comfortable, practical clothes to a tennis match. Comfortable footwear is crucial, so consider wearing stylish sneakers or casual flats.

A comfortable, moisture-wicking athletic or polo top is a great option for beating the heat. You might also consider a tennis dress or skirt to really embrace the whole tennis vibe.

How can attendees strike the perfect balance between comfort and style when planning their Australian Open outfits?

Attendees at the Australian Open can strike a perfect balance in their outfits between comfort and style by blending casual and stylish elements into their outfits. For example, a polo top and tennis dress are designed for practicality, but still presentable and appropriate for the tennis.